The Workshop and The Project

This workshop will create a platform for researchers coming from different fields to present their work and exchange ideas on the topic of social dynamics of information change.  We look both at already-established work as well as the possible new connections that can emerge between the areas of logic, belief revision theory, learning theory, game theory and social science.

We are particularly interested in the conceptual-theoretical work as well as in the applications of formal models to specific multi-agent scenarios in which belief revision plays a crucial role. In contrast to the classical single-agent approach to Belief Revision Theory, the new developments from the area of Logic and Game Theory make it now possible to pursue a multi-agent perspective. Similarly, the study of the iterated belief revision procedures can benefit from the work on learning strategies in Formal Learning Theory. Bringing the ideas from these different areas together allows us to put forward new theoretical work which can lead to new modeling techniques and offer a better understanding of puzzling social-informational phenomena (such as pluralistic ignorance, the bandwagoning effect, group polarization, etc.).

“Social Dynamics of Information Change” is the second event organized within The LogiCIC Project: THE LOGICAL STRUCTURE OF CORRELATED INFORMATION CHANGE of Sonja Smets. The previous event in this series was 2012 Workshop “Belief Dynamics in Social Context”.

The LogiCIC project (ERC-2011-STG No. 283963) is funded by the European Research Council and the European Community under FP7.

Everyone is also warmly welcome at the satellite

False Belief Task and Logic: Mini-Workshop on Formal Modeling 

that will take place on Dec 5th, right after the LogiCIC Workshop!